Spatial Master Plans Consultancy

We can also provide our services in English. Our focus in on urbanism and spatial planning services in Czechia and Slovakia. This initiative is represented by a graduate of Spatial Planning in Bratislava and Prague, with a state examination in urbanism and spatial planning. They also have pedagogical experience in the field of spatial planning and are familiar with the issues of spatial planning both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Professionally and academically, they focus on transportation urbanism and promoting pedestrian traffic as an essential component of transforming cities into sustainable ones. They have practical experience in preparing spatial data and conducting spatial analysis and are ready to provide you the best services.

Land plots assessment

To verify the land and know for which functional use it can be legally used, simply send us the plot number and cadastral area through the Kontakt tab. Once we receive your request, we will verify the land and will send you a response with a price range. After your approval, we will begin preparing the documents, and before the service is ready to be delivered to you, you will receive a notification with an invoice by e-mail. You will receive text and graphic materials with an assessment of the selected land plot.

Request to change spatial master plan

To prepare a request for a change of spatial master plan, send us the plot number, cadastral area, and your preferred type of new land use through the Kontakt tab. You will receive a response with a price range for this request. Once approved, you will need to provide us with authorization to submit the application on your behalf. The authorization can be sent via e-mail with an electronic qualified signature, without an electronic signature to our data box, or signed manually and verified at the post office, where it will be converted into an electronic format and then you will need to send it to us via e-mail. If issuing authorization is not possible, we can prepare the documents and send them to you so that you can submit the application by yourself at the office. Before the service is ready to be delivered, you will receive a notification with an invoice by e-mail. You will receive the necessary textual and graphical materials for the request.

Urban planning consultancy

General consultancy in urbanism and spatial planning, preparation of documents according to client preferences.

Price List of Services:

The price depends on the complexity of the service provided, but you will always receive a price range. Our prices are unbeatable.

Price estimates:

  • Land plots assessment: 500 to 1,250 CZK for one plot (if the plot includes several types and number of parcels, an individual price will be set, which will still be advantageous and non-competitive)
  • Request to change spatial master plan: 750 to 2,000 CZK
  • Urban planning consultancy: according to the time required to prepare the service, similar to land plots assessment